5 Best Ways To Pack Books For Moving  

Books are the most valuable asset in the life of an avid reader. While moving most readers worry that what would be the best way to pack books for moving. After all who would want a bent cover, a ripped page, or a smushed book jacket.To avoid the frustration of getting your books damaged, it is suggested to pack your books for moving in a foolproof way.

Putting your books in cartons and loading them in the trucks is the worst thing you could do to your books. You need to follow a specific set of protocols while you pack books for moving. Braha movings packing experts have curated some of the protocols for you.

Let’s see what’s waiting for you we are providing you best ways to pack books for moving.

1.Let Some Books Go

It’s not easy to convince a reader to leave some of his books behind. As all the books hold the same sentimental value. But it is not wise to take a bulk of books at once especially if you are packing books for long-distance moving. Therefore we suggest you go through your collection and separate the books you won’t read again. Take ample time before the move to make this decision. Here is what you can do with the books you aren’t taking:

  • Organize a yard sale. It is the best way to get money for those things you don’t need anymore. Simply discarding things in the trash is never a good idea. This is the best way to recycle things that are of no use to you.
  • Donate your books to charity, public libraries or even the hospitals. Who knows if a bedridden patient needs it.

Ask your friends and family if they need the books. This way your books will remain in your circle.

2.Choose the Right Boxes and Packing Material

Books are among the heaviest items in the moving inventory especially if you are moving a library. Therefore do not compromise on the packing material ever. Always use small boxes(1.5 cubic feet each). Loading books in one big box can either get damaged or break the back of the mover. Buy sturdy medium-sized cardboard boxes and make sure they are not damp. You will also need the best quality tape andpacking string to seal the boxes.

3.Use the Best Ways to Pack Books for Moving:

Once you have got the right supplies, it’s time to pack the books properly. Most people think packing books as they are on shelves is the best technique. Believe me, this is the worst thing you could do to your books.

Always start placing bigger books on the bottom and go up from there. Make sure your books are packed from binding to binding and the spines are supporting each other. To avoid your books from bending or breaking, make sure they are packed at the same level.

a.Packing Hardcover Books

Hardcover books are usually more expensive than paperback. So these books need extra care. Pack them in wrapping paper before putting them in the box. Put them in an upright position in the box and the spines against the box’s sides. Do not put too many books in one book as they are likely to get stuck and damaged when you remove them from the box. Fill the gaps in the books with cushioning material to make sure the books stay in place.

b.Packing Paperback Books

Since the outer covering is soft, they are more prone to damage. You can pack these books in the protective covering and stack them flat in the box. Make sure the paper edges are facing upwards. Fill the gaps with cushioning material.

6.Secure the Boxes with Double Tape and Label:

Now that you are done with packing, it’s time to secure the boxes. The bottoms are already sealed in the packing stage. Secure the upper lids of the box and edges with double tape. Label the boxes so it gets easier to unpack later.

7.Load Them in the Truck with Care

Load the boxes on the floor of the truck. Do not put them near other heavy boxes. Avoid stacking the boxes as they can easily tip over while moving. If you are storing them in a storage facility make sure you put them in a cool and dry place.

So these are some of the expert tips for packing the books. Try us if you are planning to hire movers but are worried about your books’ safety. We at Braha Moving Systems have book packing specialists with an experience of more than 20 years. Call us today and get your quote.

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