6 Useful Gift Ideas For First-Time Homeowners

Invited to a housewarming party by first-time homeowner friends or neighbors? You probably have no idea what to take as a perfect gift. Taking flowers or chocolates is not a good idea as they usually end up in the trash the next day. You need to think of practical gifts for first-time homeowners that they can put to any use.

Suggesting thoughtful gift ideas for a housewarming party is definitely a difficult feat to accomplish. But you need not worry. Braha Moving experts are always eager to take the burden off their customers and provide them with the best advice.

Check out the following article to explore the best gifts for first-time homeowners.

1 Yard maintenance stuff

The first-time homeowners go through a major lifestyle change. Especially if they have gone through long distance moving or interstate moving. There are a lot of things that they would be short of. As we are supposed to take a limited amount of stuff while long-distance moving. Yard stuff would be one of the best practical gifts for new homeowners.

You can take gifts like garden hoses, grass trimmers, shovels etc. Also, garden decors like flower pots, racks and artificial animals can make a good present.

2 Crockery

The best part about adulating is you think of the utility of something before buying. A unique set of crockeries like a fancy dinner set or tea set makes the best gift for a housewarming party. If the first-time homeowners are having more guests than expected, then your gift can come in handy in such a situation.

You can also gift beautiful serving dishes, glasses, pitchers and cutlery.

3 Art and Decoration pieces

Pretty gallery walls are always in vogue. So wall art or any other decor can prove to be the best gift for first-time homeowners. But the problem is everybody’s taste in art is different. So know the style of the person before gifting an art piece. Here are some ideas related to art pieces that you can gift:

  • A beautiful mug or vase with meaningful art
  • Framed Abstract art
  • Canvas Wall Art
  • Portraits
  • Small table decoration
  • Mirror Art
  • Paintings

4 Toolkit or ladder

This is the most appreciable gift by first-time homeowners. New homes come with a new set of challenges. Be that DIY home repairs, upgrade or any other sort of home maintenance, a good tool kit is always necessary. You can search for the best toolkit online and get it delivered to your home.

Also, a good quality ladder is mandatory in every home. You can gift a custom made ladder or get one from the market.

5 A gift voucher to local cleaning services

Giving a cleaning services gift certificate is the most practical gift for new homeowners. It is like gifting some moments of relief to the family. Imagine how exhausting it would be to go through interstate moving and then handle the packing and unpacking. Amid this situation, no one has the energy to clean. In this case, the cleaning services not only take care of your comfort but also professionally clean your house.

It is also necessary to clean your house for the first time with the help of cleaning services. Once the furniture gets inside the house it is not possible to clean it thoroughly.

6 Houseplants

You can also gift the new homeowners live houseplants to pair with their fancy planters and planting pots. It is advisable to always gift low maintenance plants as no one is a crazy plant parent. Plants like rubber plants, succulents, jade plants, and bromeliads not only help you with the home decor but also are easy to maintain.

There are people who can’t keep a plant alive no matter how much they try. The reason being they don’t know the science behind the care of each plant. In this case, you can gift faux plants that give the same aesthetic and green vibe.

P.S: Before gifting a plant you need to confirm if the other person is allergic to it. People have life-threatening allergies that they don’t show. So it’s better to be careful.

Bottom line

So these were some thoughtful gift ideas for first-time homeowners. You can get all information about our moving services to your new home from Braha Moving Systems by simply visiting our website. So what are you waiting for?

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