#6 Valuable Questions to Ask from Your Furniture Moving Company

Must asking Questions from Furniture Moving Company before moving. Moving to a new destination is an exciting experience, No? The fore-planning and worrying about how things are going to happen are also part of this experience. Sometimes, it becomes a nightmare when you hire incompetent furniture moving company. It happens when you do not thoroughly go through how the company works.

Moving is not something that happens in our life on a daily basis. So most of us fail to keep track of the in’s and out’s of the moving industry hence becoming a victim of fraudulent business practices.

We are here to guide you and help you navigate through the sharky water of the moving industry.
Here is the list of a few questions that you need to ask your furniture moving company before hiring them:

Is Your Company Registered with the United States Department of Transportation?

The best practice to avoid scams and rogue movers are to make sure the furniture movers you have chosen are licensed and registered with the US DOT. This is not only your responsibility but also your right to know about their accreditation.

Every interstate moving company is provided with a license number that can be checked on their website. If you are moving within the state, US DOT is regulate such moves. In this case, you should ask about the state license. The moving regulations and license requirements vary from state to state. So it is necessary to keep full knowledge related to that.

Which Moving Company Category does your Company Fall into?

All moving companies don’t operate on the same model. There are three categories in which the moving companies can be divided based on their work model:


The brokers are often known as brokerages. They do not directly execute the move rather outsource a partner company for the task. Once you contact a broker, they will share your project with their partners in a marketplace. The partners can then bid on the project. Here you get different bids and can successfully find a cost-efficient option.


Carriers are also known as van lines. These companies have their in-house staff that executes the furniture moving. They are more experienced than the brokers hence providing a more seamless experience.

Broker/Carrier Hybrids:

The furniture movers working on this model have in-house staff providing the furniture moving services. They also outsource staff for special jobs like piano moving and auto-shipping.

As you plan to hire a moving company, thoroughly assess the pros and cons of these models and then select as per your needs.

How much Moving Coverage does Your Company Offer?

It’s always a bad idea to move your valuables without a certificate of insurance. It means you are willing to take risks and the responsibility for any kind of damage that happens during the move.

Moving companies are bound to provide basic liability coverage free of cost. It provides reimbursement for the loss to some extent. Full value protection is a better option that provides enough amount to repair the damaged asset or buy a replacement for equal value.

The full value protection is not offered by every company as it costs an extra fee. When hiring a furniture moving company make yourself clear about the insurance and coverage policy.

Ask About Binding Estimates and Hidden Costs?

As per The Spruce Definition, A binding estimate means that the price quoted in an estimate is the amount you pay—even if there end up being unforeseen extra costs. A non-binding estimate means that the price you pay will probably end up being different than the estimated price movers tell you.

Enticing customers with lower prices is a common tactic used by moving companies. These companies, later on, add extra charges or increase their prices on the day of the move leaving you with no choice.

You can save yourself from such inconvenience by choosing a moving company that provides binding estimates. This means they are legally bound to keep the prices fixed as long as the move goes as planned and there is no item added to the inventory at the last minute.

Also, there are companies that misrepresent their cost structure at the time of contract. As a result of this, you get increased prices which they called hidden fees. To make sure you are not hiring a company with hidden charges, go through the customer reviews and check if they talk about the surprise fee.

Ask If The Employees Go Through Background Checking?

When you hire a full-service moving company, you are opening your house to complete strangers. They will move in and out of your house for packing, loading and moving your belongings to the right destination.

In this case, you can’t just allow strangers to go about the job. Always ask the moving companies if they background check their employees to eliminate any potential risk.

Background checking employees ensures that you are not working with people who have theft or burglary charges on them. Moreover, it is also important to check if the employees have major drug offence charges. You can not trust a drug addict with your valuables.

So it’s the responsibility of the company to send only trusted people to the house.

What is the Cancellation Policy of the Company?

Sometimes you have to cancel your move for a number of reasons. Therefore it is advisable to find out about the different cancellation policies of the moving companies.

Some companies cancel your move free of cost while others will keep a part of the deposit. Even if you are 100 per cent sure about the move yet it is advisable to settle the cancellation terms with the company.

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