7 Valuable Local Relocation Tips

Are you worried about your local relocation despite having chosen the best local movers? We totally can relate to it. Local moving might sound fascinating as you do not worry about the distance. But one should never undermine the troubles that come with it. Distance doesn’t guarantee straightforward success during the move. Proper planning and organizing your local moving beforehand is the only solution to bring about success.

It is to be noted whether you are moving 200 miles or 2000 miles, the amount of meticulous preparation is the same. You have to pack your belongings the same and paid them as you would for a long-distance move. Here are some tips that are necessary to execute a successful local move even if you have hired a local moving company.

Let’s see what is there for you.

#1 A well-organized Local Movers plan:

Everything is well when properly organized. The same goes for a local move. Take ample time before the move to plan each step of the move. This way you will not have to suddenly improvise if something happens.

By a well-organized plan we mean:

  • Proper research of the moving dates
  • Careful selection of local moving services
  • Make a list of fragile and non-fragile items
  • Planning the order of the moving process
  • Mapping out the place you are moving to beforehand
  • Checking availability of stairs or elevators(if need be)
  • Setting a budget
  • Making inventory and getting the right packing supplies in case of a DIY move.

#2 Learn How Much Your Local Moving Company Charge

The charges of local moving services may vary as compared to long distances. In a long-distance move, the charges depend on the following factors:

  • Weight
  • Distance
  • Packing and other services

In the case of local movers, you have to pay per hour. Usually hiring a truck and 2 movers for local moving can cost you around $90 to $120. These charges may vary according to where you live.

Everybody cannot afford the luxury of hiring movers. In this case, you need to evaluate the movers’ costs and a DIY move. If the DIY option is pocket friendly and you have done that before, we would suggest going for it. But if you are moving for the first time, it is advisable to take the help of the experts.

#3 Plan Where Your Kids and Pets are Going to Stay During the Move:

The moving process is total chaos no matter how organized you are. After all, you are dislocating things that had been there for quite a while. Amidst the chaos you want a toddler to be crying and asking for food. Similarly, preschoolers and naughty pets can also give you a tough time.

We recommend you drop your kids off at their grandparents or in a daycare. Similarly, you can ask a friend for cat or dog sitting.

#4 Decided Who Packs For You:

Usually, your local moving company takes care of everything. In case, you want to do it on your own and already have the supplies you can tell the movers. It’s not mandatory to buy the packing services while hiring a local moving company. You tailor your package as per your need.

#5 Change Address For Your Utility Bills:

The utility companies never update the address for you unless you ask them. Many people make this false assumption, hence someone else pays their bill. It is your social responsibility to contact your service providers before moving and updating the new address.

#6 Reduce the Cost of Local Moving by Decluttering:

Why pay moving charges for something that you don’t need in your new house. Decluttering is the best approach to reduce your moving cost. Sell or donate the furniture, clothes, books, and other things that you don’t need.

#7 Use your Car to Move Small Boxes:

If you are moving locally you can utilize your car for moving purposes. You can do this if you know how the technique of fitting things in small spaces. We do not recommend you overload your car and make your ride a nightmare. Do research on how to pack things at the back of your car and what should you carry.


So these are some of the tips that our local moving experts have curated for you. We hope these will help you in executing a successful local move. Braha Moving is your trusted partner at every step of the move.  Share with us what you look for in a perfect local moving company and we will assist you from every aspect.

Keep moving!!

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