8 ProTips to Know When Moving In NYC

Moving in NYC is far from simple. Finding the right apartment is not the end. New York City will always give you a headache in terms of relocation no matter how much you have covered everything. The walkup apartments, tight hallways, and difficult parking situation are enough to drive you insane.

You can save yourself from half of the trouble by hiring a top-notch residential moving company and avoiding the other half by following the tips enlisted below:

Tip #1 Be Realistic About Your Belongings and Share the Accurate Details with the Moving Company:

People often make a mental inventory or checklist rather than a physical one. As a result, they get a wrong estimate from the moving company which can screw up things on the day of the move.

It is suggested to thoroughly go through all your stuff and make a realistic checklist. Also when hiring a moving company, do share necessary details like:

  • Elevators in the building you are moving to
  • Neighbourhood you are moving to
  • Distance between your old house and the new one
  • Measurement of the hallways and alleys

Tip #2 Do Some Quick Calendar Work to the Move

Something is happening in New York City every day. So it is advisable to check the city events beforehand prior to the move. For instance, it can be a hell of trouble if you are moving to West Village during Pride Parade or Midtown East on St Patrick’s Day. Make sure you do some calendar work to avoid unwanted surprises.

Moreover, keep track of your lease date and coordinate your move date with your landlord.

Tip #3 Check your Building Management Beforehand

You have to deal with several restrictions when moving to NYC. The elevator buildings will only allow you to move on weekends. If the tenants are home, you are not allowed to use the elevator while they move even on weekends. To deal with this problem it is advisable to check your building management and restrictions beforehand. So middle of the week is feasible in this case for the move or reserving a freight or service elevator.

Also if you are planning to hire a furniture moving company or a piano moving company, provide them with every single detail of your building management.

Tip #4 Do your Homework Before Moving in NYC

One mistake that can lead to utter disaster on a moving day is ignoring this step. Do proper research on NYC movers and check if they a registered with USDOT. Also, make sure the background check their employees as you cannot trust anyone with your belongings.

Tip #5 Know the Parking Restriction in the NYC

Moving your truck in the tight New York streets with a lot of parking restrictions can give you a tough time. Prepare yourself beforehand for the parking restriction and map out the loading and unloading zones for your moving company. This way you can save yourself from getting stuck.

Tip#6 Purge your Stuff Sufficiently

When moving to New York City, be mindful that apartments are tiny. The furniture you had in your previous house may not fit there. So be practical and take only those things that you might actually need. Most people make the mistake of not culling their stuff sufficiently hence paying extra to the moving company as well as for the elevator. It is better to sell or donate old furniture and clothes.

Tip #7 Treat Your New York City Movers In The Best Possible Way:

You cannot mistreat the helpers just because you are stressed. It can result in big trouble for you on a moving day. Chances are they can abandon you midway through the move if you yell at them or misbehave. But nice treatment can make things a lot easier for you. Treat them to a glass of water or a sandwich may be and stay polite during the move for your own benefit.

Tip #8 Straighten out the Paperwork Beforehand

Moving in or out of the buildings is not easy especially in high-rise buildings. You may need a certificate of insurance (COI) before your move gets approved.

“A COI is usually required for buildings with a doorman and high-rise buildings with property managers who want to be excluded from liability when labour is done in the building”- Lior Rachmany, CEO and founder of New York’s Dumbo Moving.

Make sure you clear your paperwork before the move otherwise your furniture moving company won’t be allowed to enter the building.

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