About Us

Who are we?

Braha Movings is America’s most trusted moving company serving our customers for over 20 years. Since the inception of the company, we have been delivering best of the breed moving services at every scale across the country as well as internationally. We are based on the motive that “Quality and Customers before anything”

What do we do?

The Braha movings teams are mindful of the transition moving can bring into our customers’ lives. For this purpose, we provide them with full support sharing the responsibilities equally. Our services comprise a variety of moving options you can choose from. Braha knows the art of moving inside out. No matter what the distance and scale of the move are, Braha ensures quality services at every step of the move.


The Team:

Braha moving professionals are carefully recruited and trained for the job. We follow strict criteria and make sure that we are providing our customers with the right team. From trained drivers to packing teams, loading to unloading teams every person has a specific skill set that makes them stand out among the rest.

Concern for your belongings

Remember that Braha also offers packing services in addition to moving your belongings. With a longer move, there is growing concern for the safety of your belongings - especially anything that is fragile, older, and of sentimental value.

When you hire Braha, you are hiring movers with over 20 years of experience. Not only do we understand the tricks of packing an organized truck to maximize space, but they understand how to pack even the most fragile belongings.

If you have even greater sizes of items, such as grand pianos, call Braha. We will take care of it for you.