Best Guidelines On Packing And Moving Musical Instruments  

Moving can be fun only when all your belongings can fit into one suitcase. These scenarios can be witnessed rarely. In this consumerism effected era, moving a house means moving musical instruments and heavy furniture. It is not fun rather a hassle.

You can save yourself from this trouble by hiring certified movers specifically for your expensive musical instruments. Moving musical instruments by yourself involves a lot of risks. If you have decided to move them on your own, then you need to follow the advice of experts. Braha Movings experts have curated some best guidelines on packing and moving musical instruments for you.

Check Them Out and Move Musical Instruments Safely

1. Examine Your Instrument Thoroughly Before Planning the Move:

You must be thinking what’s the point in examining the instrument. Most musicians are overconfident that they know their instrument inside out. Knowing a musical instrument doesn’t mean how to play it. Rather, it means examining the construct and locating the fragile points. This way you will be able to secure it efficiently while moving.

2. Gather the Best Packing Supplies:

Have you ever seen how professional piano movers pack? If not do your research and note what kind of packing supplies they use. For moving musical instruments you can not simply rely on low-grade packing supplies specifically for string musical instruments. So always go about high-quality packing tools and supplies to secure your moving instruments.

3. The Packing Stage:

Each musical instrument is unique. So it is not possible to give a general set of instructions for packing all musical instruments. We have broken down the instructions for each musical instrument that will help you navigate through the guidelines easily. So here you go:

a. Packing and Moving a Piano:

Hiring a piano mover is always a good idea. If it’s not in your budget these instructions can solve your problems. You can also check our exclusive guide on moving a piano.

  • Dismantle some parts of the piano if it is really big and can’t be moved in one piece. Professional Piano movers usually suggest dismantling the lid, legs and lyre( in the case of a grand piano).
  • Upright pianos can be moved in one piece. Before moving, close the lid firmly using locks or packing straps. Avoid using tapes as it can ruin the polish.
  • Secure the piano with packing blankets. You can use bubble wraps for additional protection.
  • Now is the time to secure the padding with tape. The tap shouldn’t touch the wooden surface.
  • Don’t use the small wheels for moving the piano. Lock them or remove them.
  • Now load the piano in a moving dolly and strap it.

When loading the piano in the truck make sure to place it near the wall of the truck. Secure it with straps in the truck to prevent it from moving while transiting.

b. Moving String Instruments:

There is a variety of string instruments. If you own a music studio, it’s highly likely you own most of them for instance guitar, violin, sitar, cello, mandolin and whatnot. Here are some of the best tips and tricks by Braha Movings experts for packing string instruments:

  • The first step is the most important one. Note the order of the strings.
  • Now loosen them and in case of adjustment keys, turn them parallel to their headstocks.
  • If you don’t have a hard case for each instrument, get one. This is the only way to efficiently secure the instrument.
  • If you don’t find a hard case, you need to pack it firmly with bubble wraps and blankets.
  • Make them waterproof. You can not afford to ruin your instrument if they get wet accidentally.
  • These are the most fragile instruments so we suggest you move them in your car rather in a truck.

c. Percussion Instruments:

Percussion instruments include any instrument that makes a sound when it is hit, shaken, or scraped like drums, xylophone, tambourine etc. Most of the musicians have drums in the studio. So here are the steps to secure these instruments:

  • Dismantle the drum set. Keep every single nut and bolt into a separate zipper bag.
  • Label the zipper bags and keep them in order. This will help in reassembling.
  • Remove the rims and heads of the drum and secure them with a bubble wrap.
  • Fold the stands and secure them too with bubble wraps.
  • Put the small drums into big ones and secure each layer with bubble wraps.
  • Put the set in a hard case and secure it with a packing blanket.
  • Now place it in the moving truck and make sure it doesn’t move.


These were some of the expert tips for moving musical instruments. No matter how expert you are but we will still suggest hiring certified movers to handle and pack your musical instruments. Braha moving systems can connect you with the best musical instruments movers, especially piano movers. All you need to do is contact us and get afree estimate of your move. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website today for some amazing moving services.

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