Which Season Is The Best Time Of Year To Move?

best season to move

Moving season is often looked upon as a chore that people tend to put off until the very last minute. Regardless of how minimalist you are, odds are that you can’t pack up all your things in your car and leave. You need tons of help, packing your items in storage boxes, Furniture Moving, and all otherworldly desires. An additional factor that can make or break your moving experience is the weather. Try dragging your precious couch dupes in freezing snow or, even worst, in rain. Then you’ll get what we are trying to say. That’s why it is important to ask yourself when moving, which season is the best time of year to move.

Obviously, every season has its ups and downs, and everyone’s favorite season usually boils down to personal preference. People who love sunbathing, going out for a swim in the lake would shiver just at the thought of leaving their cozy bed in the winter and vice versa. Below we have mentioned a few main benefits and drawbacks of moving in each season. Whatever you choose, make sure to allow Braha Moving to help ease your burden and offer you an unparalleled moving experience.

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Moving in Autumn

Autumn is a great time for moving. Conveniently falling between scorching summer sun and frigid winter temps. Fall is known to have the most enjoyable weather for moving into a new place – it is not bitterly cold out nor is it hot and unpleasant.

It is also a plus to move during this time, especially for Residential Moving, because you will be settled in and prepared by the time the holiday season comes around. Another great bonus for moving in the fall is that it is typically much more affordable. You can take advantage of lower moving costs.

Although, moving in the fall can be difficult if you have children, requiring them to change schools and acclimate to a new environment right at the beginning of the year. Depending on these factors, you decide if moving in autumn is really suited for you or not.

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Moving in Winter

Moving in the winter comes with its own set of challenges, it can be tough navigating through snow and bitterly cold temperatures. Moving in the cold and snowy months requires much more preparation than any other move.

People looking to move during this time of year should think about waterproofing boxes, as well as salting any sidewalks and driveways to ensure no accidents during moving day. You need to be extra careful to ensure that all your stuff is properly secured and does not cause any problem for the movers as well.

The unpredictable and frigid weather can also create conditions that may make it unsafe to drive and transport belongings to wherever they need to go.

These cons to moving in the winter bring out the pros as well. Since there is less of a demand to move during these cold months, moving rates tend to be noticeably lower, as well as an increase in availability to schedule your move.

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Moving in Spring

March and April are regarded as preferable months to move since the weather is considerably less harsh than those bitter winter months.

With no snow threatening to postpone moving day, scheduling your move will be easier during this time of year as well.

If your long-distance move has you going from one region to another, spring temperatures may vary, but it’s safe to say that a mild jacket for the chilly, but warming, weather will be all you need.

What to look out for when moving in the spring is mid to late May, which is the beginning of peak moving season.

With more demand, remember to schedule accordingly so that Braha can ensure your move exactly when you need it.

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Moving in Summer

Summer break is the best time for families with children in school, as it won’t disrupt the academic year.

Longer days during the summer months are another reason why people favor this time of year for moving because it gives you more hours to move in and move out.

With heightened demand for homes in the summer, this is the peak time of year for residential moves.

May is the beginning of this busy season and it continues through the hot summer months. Since it is such a busy time for moving, it is important to be mindful and plan ahead.

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