How to Keep Your Office Stuff Safe During Interstate Moving?

Interstate Moving is all about moving to another city or state. If you are a business owner and planning to shift your office to another city, we can understand your concerns related to interstate moving. Probably your foremost concern will be the safety of your equipment. In long-distance moves, your belongings are more likely to get damaged. However, we can avoid this situation by following proper precautions and protocols.

Your office assets mainly comprise fragile and things of value. For instance, expensive furniture, computers, xerox machines, printers, and screens. So taking proper safety measures during interstate moving is mandatory.

Here is our guide to keeping your office assets safe during long-distance moves.

Computer/ Electronic Equipment Safety

Never underestimate the fragility of your office electronics. Sometimes, minor damage to the internal wiring can make your computer useless. Long-distance moving experts suggest padding your office pieces of equipment with high-grade packing material. For example, use spare towels, blankets, or even bubble wraps. These items are susceptible to damage by bumping into another thing when the moving vehicle hits a bump. Also, label the boxes appropriately and mention the ups and downsides.

Office Furniture Safety

Furniture safety while interstate moving is as important as any electronic equipment safety. Disassemble big pieces of furniture and wrap them thoroughly in packing blankets. Put the nuts and bolts in a zipper bag, label them, and attach them to the furniture. Fragile pieces of furniture like glass top tables should be packed in bubble wraps. 

It is also necessary to empty the drawers and lock them. This way, you can save them from slipping from their place and avoid any accident. Use stretch tapes for packing instead of videos as they can leave marks on the furniture.

Store them properly till the day of the move

You will never want your employees to trip over the scattered boxes and get themselves injured. Therefore be mindful of where you store your packages. Here are some dos and don’ts of keeping packed boxes in the office:

  • Do not stack too many boxes over one another. Chances are they can become unstable and fall on someone damaging the office supplies inside and injuring the person.
  • Keep the hallways, common walkways, elevator doors, staircases, fire exits clear. Do not congest these places with boxes.

Keep all those office supplies and furniture in the range that your employees still use. Never pack all the things at once.

Protect Yourself and Your Office Stuff While Cleaning

The well-planned moving process comprises packing, moving, and cleaning the old or new place. During the cleaning process, dust particles might kick-off. Therefore, you need to properly secure your office belongings during the cleaning process to avoid dust mites and mould getting into the equipment. Also, provide your employees with masks and allow them to wear clothes that can be washed easily.

Use Proper Lifting Equipment and Techniques

Using proper lifting equipment and techniques while interstate moving matters a lot. In this way, You can save yourself and your employees from injuries and accidents. Also, using good lifting equipment can keep your stuff from getting damaged. Follow these tips for safe long-distance office relocation:

  • Your feet should be shoulder-width apart while lifting
  • It would help if you squatted with bended knees and hips, keeping the back straight
  • Keep your back straight throughout the move to avoid sprain
  • It would help if you weren’t lifting things above your shoulder length
  • Lift things slowly. Avoid getting up suddenly while lifting
  • Do not twist your torso while carrying things
  • Lower down the boxes carefully
  • Use levers, handcarts, or trolleys to move heavy boxes.

 Let an IT expert set up workstations

You may be wondering how to fix all the clutter in the wires and switches. Once you arrive at the office, let the employees set their desks as they like. The next step is to let the IT experts do their job and set up the workstations. Make sure the computer screens are at a proper angle. The desks and chairs should be placed in a position to ensure the healthy posture of the employees.


Proper packing and strategically placing the items in the truck are the key to keeping your belongings safe. With a little bit of care, you will save yourself from stress or any other loss. Team Braha consists of long-distance moving experts that can assist you at every step of your office relocation and interstate move. You can count on us whenever you feel the need.

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