How to Pack Your Goods for Long-Distance Moving? Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a long-distance move? The corona virus pandemic has brought a tremendous change in the moving trends. Long-distance moving became common as people felt a significant shift in lifestyle. A substantial number of people were laid off from their jobs. The working model took a 180-degree change, i.e., work from home. Some people traded big cities over suburban locations for affordable living or close to their extended families. Whatever the reason is, the number of individuals who planned to move long-distance in 2021 was up 20 percent compared to 2020.

As the trend grew, so did the challenges. Planning the long-distance move is just the tip of the iceberg. The genuine part is the execution part. You can not just shove things in the box and load them in a van. It requires proper protocols. Here is our ultimate guide on packing your goods for long distance moving.

1.Declutter and Purge Your Belongings:

You have to act wisely while packing or moving. Don’t overstuff your boxes with items that you don’t need or a damaged. Why would you take a broken chair to your new house? Throw away damaged items. Similarly, sell or donate your old clothes, shoes, furniture, books, and whatever you think is useless to you.

2.Don’t start packing at the last minute:

Sparing not ample time for packing would be the worst thing to do. Whether it’s a single-bedroom apartment or a villa, you need to have enough time to get the job done. So start packing at least ten days or a week before the move. Don’t stress out or rush while packing. Packing doesn’t mean just putting things into boxes. You need to make sure everything is packed safely, and nothing is left behind before long distance moving.

3.Proper Packing Supplies:

The next most crucial step to do is gather packing supplies. Some people save a few bucks by using cheap hacks or supplies. It can save you some money for the time but can cost you double when the truck moves. Stuff packed in poor-quality boxes can damage, resulting in losing your essential goods. Go to a nearby moving supplies store or a home improvement outlet and get the following supplies:

  • Boxes in a variety of sizes
  • Packing tape
  •  Strapping tape and/or duct tape
  • Bubble and shrink wrap
  • Thick permanent markers
  • Zip lock bags
  •  Blank newsprint paper
  • Scissors and tape
  •  Moving blankets and/or furniture pads
  •  Special boxes and crates for TVs, artwork, etc.                                          

4.Disassemble your furniture

Taking your furniture as one unit is never a good idea. It takes a lot of space in the truck and damages other items. Always disassemble the furniture. Put the nuts and bolts in a zipper bag, label it and stick it to the furniture. Also, wrap extra packing blankets around delicate and expensive furniture pieces when you plan for long distance moving.

 5. Label the content of the box:

Proper labeling your boxes can make your job a lot easier while unpacking. This can give you a fair idea of what’s inside the box. You will not need to open all the boxes at once just to take out your saucepan or an extension cord. You can go a step further by color-coding, catalog packing, or even spreadsheets.

6. Make sure to pack each box equally with manageable weight:

Pack your boxes for long distance moving with a mix of light and heavy objects. Pack too light, and your boxes will roll down in the moving truck. Also, too heavy boxes can damage other items. On the other hand, boxes with equal weight are safe and easy to stack.

7. Never forget about the moving insurance:

The insurance moving company provides valuation. Never mistake it with the homeowner’s insurance policy. Although the difference is subtle, they are different. It is safe to check it with your insurance company policy and buy extra coverage even if you have. Things are more likely to get damaged during long-distance moving. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

8. Choose a reliable long distance moving company:

It’s all set till the packing stage. Don’t risk moving a big truck all by yourself. Hire a reliable long distance moving company for the task. Thoroughly research the options near you. Make sure the company is registered with US DOT.

So these are the pro tips for a safe and secure packing process. You can save yourself from the difficulty of long-distance moving by hiring a reliable long-distance moving company that covers every stage of your move. Everything is done under professional supervision, from packing to unpacking, loading to unloading.

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