How to make a long-distance move on a budget in 2022  

Here’s the deal with long-distance moves.

Everybody is a tad concerned about the higher cost of a long-distance move these days. On average cross country movers charge you $4,890-$15000. The cost can vary as per the miles you cover in your long-distance move and the weight of your belongings. Also, the type of services you opt for can determine your moving expenses.

Fortunately, a few cost-friendly options in the market will help you move on a budget. These options are either provided by the long distance moving companies or you will have to arrange them for yourself.

Let’s see what are some of the cheapest ways to execute a long-distance move.

1. The DIY Method

The DIY method is one of the cheapest way to make a long-distance move on a budget. You don’t need labour for packing and unpacking or loading and unloading per this method. Unlike the full moving services, you just pay for the truck, boxes and packing material and gas. You can opt for this option only when you have ample time for the move. You won’t be having the luxury of the moving crew provided by the cross country movers.

The DIY move has its benefits in terms of moving expenses. But it has its risks as well. If you are moving long-distance for the first time, you will likely things up. In this case, we would advise you to hire a professional long-distance moving company and buy a moving package under your budget. Because what is the point of saving money at the cost of the safety of your belongings.

2. Rent a moving pod

This cost-efficient method cuts your moving expenses to a considerable extent. All you need to do is order a moving container and fill it at your convenience. Once done with the job schedule a pickup and shipping date. The rental pod company will ship your container to the desired location with utmost safety.

If you have a small or medium-sized household then it is best to rent a moving pod than hiring cross country movers. Most moving container companies charge their customers at a flat rate.

3. The Hybrid Method(DIY+Long Distance Moving Services)

Now that’s the deal that we were looking for. The hybrid model gives you the freedom to choose which part of the long-distance move you want to do yourself. For the rest of the work, you can hire. If you know how to drive a truck, then go for it as transporting your stuff squeezes a chunk of the moving expenses.

You can also take the help of your friends and family for packing and unpacking to save this expense as well. Just hire the cross country movers for loading and unloading.

4. Off-Season Moves:

The peak season of long-distance moves (May-September) is costly due to a spike in business. Try to move off-seasons as the rates are comparatively low and you have more options to pick from. Moreover, avoid moving on weekends and at the start or end of the month.

5. Rent a Freight Trailor:

This Freight Trailor company works more or less like the moving pod company. The main difference is the size of the container and the space you occupy. The moving pod is exclusively for you. On the other hand, the freight company gives you a 28-foot trailer, which you have to fill in a manner to occupy the space efficiently. The more you occupy the space the more you will have to pay. If there is some space left in the trailer it is then sold to another customer.

This option is cost-friendly when you are moving to a large house. In case you hire a long-distance moving company or a moving pod you will have to pay for multiple trucks or pods.

6. Ship Your Possessions

If you have a few possessions then we do not recommend you to hire a pod or a moving truck. Simply ship your stuff to the given address and voila! everything is set for you. You can large items shipped at a very reasonable rate.

To Sum Up

It is possible to make a long-distance move on a budget these days. There always is a hack present in the market. What makes long-distance moving costs are full moving services and other charges that we often ignore. You can save a huge chunk of your moving expenses by using the above methods. But the problem is not all the long-distance moving companies provide a tailored option for you. rather they sell full packages. Braha Moving is one of the few companies that care for your budget and needs. Wish to save some bucks? Call us today to get in our league.

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