Long-Distance Moving Tips for Making your Move Flawless

Moving a long distance is something that you actually need to worry about. In this case, you are not just moving a few blocks away rather hundreds or thousands of miles. If you are moving long-distance for the first time, you must seek expert advice and long-distance moving tips. You cannot just randomly pick any moving company, load trucks and get going. Moving long-distance means your valuable assets are at risk. So we would suggest you follow our long-distance moving tips for making your move flawless. 

Moreover, it’s not the right time to test your DIY abilities with the move. You can hire the best cross country movers that will facilitate you in executing a seamless move. 

This article explores the top long-distance moving tips and tricks. You can also contact Braha Moving experts if you need further assistance. 

Plan and Prepare beforehand: 

The only thing that can save your move from going wrong is proper planning. Take ample time before the move and don’t leave anything to the last minute. Make a personal checklist to keep yourself organized throughout the preparation stage or even throughout the move. Here are some other long-distance moving tips that you need in the planning stage: 

  • Make a rough draft of the suitable moving dates. Try to avoid extreme weather and keep your move in the middle of the month. Off-season relocation can play a tremendous role in lowering the final price of the move. 
  • Sort out the tasks on the basis of urgency and importance. 
  • Ask your friends for help or other tips if they have prior experience of long-distance moves. 

Note that the whole relocation preparation should start 2 months before the moving date. The moving day is only for loading and moving nothing else. 

Start Looking For Best Long Distance Moving Companies: 

You won’t want to work with scammers who would put your long distance move at risk. Research shows hiring the best cross country movers have resulted in 90% successful long distance moves. These are some of the red flags to avoid.

Here are few key points while looking for long distance movers

  • Bad reviews or no customer testimonials 
  • No proof of license and insurance 
  • Hidden charges  
  • Companies demanding hefty advance payments 
  • Companies that only deal in cash  
  • No USDOT number 
  • No previous record of long distance moves
  • Employees with criminal record

To make your long distance move flawless, make sure you thoroughly check the movers and ask them the right questions. Compare different options in the market before selecting one. Check their accreditation with BBB and choose the company that fits your budget. 

Make Inventory of Your Belongings and Declutter: 

To prepare a good plan of action for the long distance move, you need to know what is going with you and what not. First you need to make list of all the items in your house. Go from room to room and note down each and everything be that a needle. Now segregate the items on the basis of importance and necessity. This way you will know the extra items you don’t in truck. It not only saves you packing cost but also helps you get rid of clutter. Now that you are done with making inventory sell or donate the unnecessary items. 

Ask For an on-site Estimate from Your Movers: 

It’s always a bad idea to get quotes over the phone or via email. This leads to wrong estimates hence doubling the cost. You need accurate assessment of your belongings from the experts. This will help you know the exact cost and time required to execute the long distance move. 

The Packing Stage: 

You must be thinking that what is the need of packing by yourself when you have hired the movers. The packing services provided by the movers include the big of your furniture and other household items. You are still responsible for the packing of your personal stuff and even kitchenware. It is suggested to start your packing at least 3 weeks before the move. 

Pack Your Vehicle:

 You can leave emergency and necessary items to be carried in the cart. For instance baby essentials, gear, clothes, makeup and books. Leave these things to be carried in your car. Since you are moving long distances, make sure to pack them tactically to avoid any inconvenience during the journey. Don’t overcrowd the leg space. Try to accommodate things in the car trunk. 


There are other worries related to long-distance moving e-g changing the address, finding a new job, leaving friends behind and managing other expenses. Therefore you need to make sure at least your move is not adding additional stress. Braha Moving’s make sure you have a flawless long-distance move by providing top-notch long-distance moving services. Don’t look here and there. Call us today. 

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