How Do Movers in NYC Charge? NYC Movers Cost & Estimates

Movers in NYC are as much in demand as high-end celebrities. Why shouldn’t they be? After all, working in one of the most expensive cities should have some benefits. Every hour someone is moving in or out of the city. So there are different variables that determine the cost estimates and demand of the Movers in NYC. 

One of the main factors that affect the moving cost is distance. Cross country and long-distance moving costs are higher than local moves. However, no one is actually sure about other variables affecting mover’s costs. The reason being every mover has its own needs. For instance, you cannot expect a mover to charge you less for moving your stuff from a high rise building.

Obviously, they are going to use stairs or elevators which require extra effort as compared to an apartment on the ground floor. Moreover, Movers in Brooklyn NY may charge more than in the Bronx since they will be moving through the most populated borough.  

The cost of movers in the Big Apple can vary as much as your fingers. But we have somehow curated a few factors that determine the rate of Movers in NYC 

Let’s dig in! 

How Much Do Movers in NYC Charge? 

You must be wondering if the local moving company in NYC charge differently than long distance movers. Well, no matter which company you hire both will either charge you by the hour or flat rate. Most people prefer a flat rate as they fear the movers will overcharge them. This happens when you work with less reputable professional movers.  

Here are some of the factors that affect the rate card of Movers in NYC: 

Apartment Size And Inventory: 

This is one of the main contributors to the mover’s charges. The apartment size is directly proportional to the number of hours and movers required. Moving a studio apartment requires less time and movers than moving a 5-bed apartment. Similarly the smaller the apartment, the smaller will be the inventory. Hence lower will be the cost of moving heavy items. The following table can help you with moving rates NYC area: 

Apartment Size  Total Cost 
Studio  $420-$700 
1-Bedroom  $700 TO $1100 
2-Bedroom $1100 – $1500 
3-Bedroom $1500 and onwards 
NYC Movers Costs and Estimates

Hourly Rate: 

Local Movers in NYC charge $40-$150 per hour per mover. The price range varies with the quality of the movers. The best Movers in NYC charge more as they are insured and provide full protection. The hourly rate charged by long-distance moving company NYC starts from $200 per hour per mover and above. 

Flat Rate: 

The flat rate offered by local Movers in NYC starts from $2200 depending on the size of the apartment. Long-distance Movers in NYC charge: 

  • $2,800-$3,400 (NYC-LA) 
  • $2,100-$2,700(NYC-MIA) 
  • $3,400-$3,800(NYC-SFO) 


If you are moving within the neighborhood then the maximum cost of moving can be around 4-5k$. Long-distance moves on the other can cost you around 10-15k$. 

Full-Service NYC Mover: 

Full Service is the most expensive option to avail of in NYC. You not only get rid of stress related to moving but also bucks. No matter whether you are moving locally, out-of-state or cross country,

A full-service package is a big expense. Have a look at how much full-service NYC movers charge: 

  • Local Moving $799-$1,751 
  • Long Distance $1,780-$8,400 

Packing Supplies: 

Packing supplies can consume a chunk of the mover’s bill. No matter what size the apartment is, it can cost you an additional $200-$250. Boxes cost the most in packing supplies. Some Movers in NYC give you the option of renting plastic boxes which is a budget-friendly option. Although this might not be the case with New York long distance movers, you cannot rely on plastic boxes for long distances. 

Moving Timeline: 

The Movers in NYC decide the moving timeframe beforehand. As in if you want to have a fast-moving service, you will have to pay extra. If you have plenty of time then you can surpass the cost. 

Ease of access: 

NYC is a concrete jungle and it’s often hard to navigate through the bustling streets. If your location is easy to access then it can definitely contribute to cost reduction. 


There is no standard formula for determining the charges of Movers in NYC. The reason is hundreds of different moving conditions within the same city. Therefore the charges vary from mover to mover.

Braha Moving’s give you an estimate that suits your needs and pocket. Call us today if you are looking for a local or long distance Movers in NYC and get your quote.

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