International Moving

Make a Confident International Moving Plan with Braha.

Moving across the borders is an overwhelming experience. Braha ensures to make you feel at home even when you are moving with our customer-centric approach and expert services.

Transporting overseas to your new destination country

Are you looking to move out of the United States?

Planning a country-to-country move for a new job or just a change of scenery?

Either way, a global move is an exciting and stressful time.

At Braha Moving Systems, our mission is to accommodate each client’s individual moving needs to make their move as smooth as possible.

Transporting overseas to your new destination country | Braha Moving Systems

Plan Your Interstate Move Now

International relocation is probably the largest task an individual, a couple, or a family could take on.

With over twenty years of experience, we at Braha understand the headache a move can cause and the stress associated with planning all of its details.

Let Braha professionals help you out – we have the expertise for international moves, as well as all the tips and tricks needed to help you prepare for your moving day.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, Braha’s international moving department will coordinate any and all accommodations for your move. Give us a call for an international moving quote.

Compared to other methods, ocean freight services are the most cost-effective international transportation option, and that is what we will coordinate for you.

Our worldwide cargo and shipping services are available to major destinations all around the world with sea and air options.

international moving | Braha Moving Systems
move planning | Braha Moving Systems

When you know where you will be moving to, give us a call. We will begin the process of planning your move, preparing your inventory list, and deciding on the details to ensure a successful moving day abroad.

Depending on how much or how little you need to transport into your new country of residence, Braha will sort out the details of the options we offer for you.

Whether it’s all the furniture in your house for a move, or you are not moving, and simply just looking to send a single antique dresser to a relative overseas, let us help you transport your belongings overseas.

Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than a Container Load (LCL)

When looking to transport belongings overseas, you have two options by ocean freight – either a Full Container Load or Less Than a Container Load.

The Full Container Loads are typically required for full house or apartment moves, for people moving a good amount of items. Full Container Loads are directly shipped utilizing an exclusive container.

Depending on how much is needed to be transported, there are various container sizes and capacities.

Call a Braha’s international department to understand the dimensions of these options, as well as customs clearances. When you speak with us about the inventory you are looking to move, we can get an idea of the best fit for you.

belongings overseas | Braha Moving Systems

Regardless of what and how much you need to move, Braha will work with the international carrier to transport all of your belongings overseas.

Our goal is to handle all of the technical details so you can focus on the excitement of moving to a new country.

International Moving Service | Braha Moving Systems

International Moving Service Options:

Depending on what your move is looking like, Braha offers two full service options.

In addition to Braha handling all the details with the international carriers to transport your belongings overseas, you also have a choice of service.

Braha professionals will either complete a Door-to-Door service or a Door-to-Port service.

Depending on where you are moving and what your needs are once you get there, call us to see which service is best for you.

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-Door Service allows Braha to help you in every step of the way as you move overseas.

Our professionals will be with you to ensure complete coordination of your move.

With this option, Braha will move your belongings out of your original space and into the freight containers.

We will handle all the details of coordinating your belongings to travel from the U.S. port to the port of your destination country.

Once the container with your belongings arrive in your destination country, Braha professionals will move your belongings from the container at the port to your new home.

Door-to-Door Service | Braha Moving Systems
Door-to-Door Service – move overseas | Braha Moving Systems

A Door-to-Door Service with Braha will move you out of your original place and right into your next home in your new country of residence.

This is also the best option for those who do not wish to coordinate with a local moving services in the destination country.

Door-to-Port Service

The second option available for clients is Door-to-Port.

With Door-to-Port Service, Braha will manage the transportation of your belongings from being packed up and moved out of your current place and to the port of your destination country.

Once your belongings arrive to your new country of residence, you will have to coordinate moving into your new home with a local service.

International Moving Services | Door-to-Port Service | Hire Braha International Movers
International Moving Service | Braha Moving Systems

Up until we deliver your belongings to your new home country, Braha professionals will handle all moving details and coordination with the overseas transportation.

With Door-to-Port Service, you must plan in advance and coordinate with a local moving company to meet the freight at the port to then be moved into your new home.