Long Distance Moving

How Long you can go with us?

Long distance moving can be indicative of different distances i.e. interstate moving or across the country.  Moving across the state line requires strict federal authority. U.S. federal laws and regulations, including insurance requirements to make sure you are safe from fraud and rogues. We keep your head free of worries with our trustworthy policies and keep your home furnishings safe along every mile of the move.

Moving The Family Across The Country? Looking To Move Your Office To A Different City?

Braha’s long distance moving professionals will handle the details to ensure a positive moving experience.

Start by giving us a call and providing a preliminary inventory list.

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Interstate Moving | Braha Moving Systems

As a moving company, we provide full moving services to all points of the United States as well as from all the following locations:

When you call to get information on your moving quote, ask about the seasonal discount offered for long distance moves.

Moving Across State Lines & Feeling Overwhelmed?

Moving out of state or across the country can be overwhelming. It almost seems that the more state lines you are crossing increases your level of stress exponentially.

Take a deep breath! And remember to think of the basics just like for any local move, there are key steps to take when planning and executing your move.

Moving Across State Lines & Feeling Overwhelmed?​ | Braha Moving Systems
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Book moving day

Once you know where you are moving to and have decided on a place, make sure your move in date is scheduled and coordinated.

Having these details sorted out is the starting point to determining the rest of your move. It will affect your move-out date, scheduling a moving company, and if there is a time period of needing to store your belongings in storage. After finalizing dates and coordinating the timing of your move contact us to get better moving services.


is the next thing to tackle. When you call a Braha representative, we will inform you that an inventory list is the beginning of our process to complete your move.

Not only does it keep things organized throughout the entire move, but it also gives us an idea of what moving day will look like.

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Creating a timeline for your move




local moving2

With years of experience, we know how big of a project a long distance move is. Moving outside of the city lines means adjusting to a whole new type of world.

Knowing how much of a transition can be, we at Braha want to do everything we can to ease this process for you.

For Long Distance moves, check out the promotional offers available for you. For further information on how you can benefit from these offers, give us a call.

Braha's Promotional Offers For Long Distance Moves

If you need storage throughout the moving process, our climate controlled storage facilities located in New York and New Jersey are available for as long or as short of a time period that you may need.

Do not worry about any of the heavy lifting involved with this, as Braha professionals will gladly transport your belongings to and from the facility for your convenience.

Free storage

Free packing boxes

Seasonal discounts

Long Distance Moving Company – Interstate Movers | Braha Moving Systems

Long or short- distance is just a number after all!

Are you worried about moving your stuff miles away? You can always trust Braha with long distance moving as we believe in the comfort and satisfaction of our customers no matter what the distance. Braha movings specialize in long-distance moving with its advanced equipment and expert team. Long distance moving should not be a big deal when Braha moving is here providing services like:

Free storage

Call to see how you can get up to one month free in our climate controlled storage facility, located in New York and New Jersey.

Whether you need some extra space as you look for a new place, or have a bit of a time gap between your move out and move in dates – call to see how our storage facility offers complete support and ease for you throughout your move.

Braha professionals will transport your goods to and from the facility for your convenience.

Free storage | climate controlled storage | Braha Moving Systems
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Free packing boxes

Wardrobe boxes are the best bet for movingstoring, and shipping clothes or garments on hangers, any sporting equipment, and furniture pieces such as dining room chairs.

Small boxes are perfect for moving, storing, and shipping smaller and heavier items. These boxes are ideal for packaging books, small appliances, and canned foods.

Call and just mention “free boxes” to see how you can get: four wardrobe boxes or ten small storage boxes.

Seasonal Discounts

When you call and inquire about your long distance move, ask about what seasonal discounts Braha is offering.

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