Take advantage of our best moving and storage services.

Braha Movers’ climate-controlled storage facilities equipped with the best of the breed safety and monitoring system provide you with flexibility that you could have only dreamed of.

Do you have a gap between your move out and move in day?

Braha Storage is your solution when you need a place to store your belongings between moves or if you just need some extra space.

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Our secure and climate controlled facility is located in the convenient location of New York or new Jersey.

Give us a call to determine what we can do to individually design your price for storing your belongings in our facility.

For any type of move, if you need a place to store things, then our facility is your solution.


Free storage

Call to see how you can get up to one month free in our climate controlled storage facility, located in New York and New Jersey.

Whether you need some extra space as you look for a new place, or have a bit of a time gap between your move out and move in dates – call to see how our storage facility offers complete support and ease for you throughout your move.

Braha professionals will transport your goods to and from the facility for your convenience.

Do You Have a Gap Between Your Move Out and Move in?

We get it, sometimes things do not line up perfectly. If you have a gap between your move out and move in days, utilize Braha’s climate controlled storage facility.

For any type of move, if you need a place to store things, then our facility is your answer.

Give us a call to determine what we can do to individually design your price for storing your belongings in our facility.

Do You Have a Gap Between Your Move Out and Move in? | Braha Moving Systems
Storage Policy | Braha Moving Systems

Storage Policy

Our storage facility allows you to store just about anything you may need.

There are exceptions, however, as we are unable to store hazardous materials, any opened food or cleaning supplies, and living things such as animals and plants.

Climate-Controlled Storage

(What It is and How It Helps)

The optimal climate in Braha’s storage units is set to have a temperature between 55- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity of 55%.

Climate-Controlled | Storage | Braha Moving Systems
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Have you always wondered what does climate-controlled storage means, and why is it better than regular storage? As the name suggests, Braha Moving Systems has full control over its storage’s climate, specifically its temperature and humidity.

Our facilities use high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems with dehumidifiers to keep your personal belongings from any damage caused by extreme surrounding conditions.

In short, climate-controlled storage facilities provide a higher degree of protection than regular storage rooms. Such qualities are particularly important when you plan a long-term or year-round storage.

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Extreme Climate

Extreme heat can damage your furniture by forcing it to expand and crack. Moreover, it can devalue expensive wine or melt CDs or DVDs.

  • Wine -> turns cloudy and brown
  • DVDs, CDs, Vinyl -> melts

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    Extreme Cold

    On the other hand, cold weather can freeze and crack many items due to its retained moisture.

  • Electronics -> damage

  • humidity 128x128 1

    Extreme Humidity

    Extreme humidity makes the facility more prone to mold, bacteria, and pests.

  • Metal -> rust
  • Books, photographs -> gets ruined, fades
  • Fabric, art, toys -> grows mold

  • Why Would You Need a Storage Unit?


    When moving, you can stumble upon many obstacles that can be solved by renting a storage unit:

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    a) If you need to move away from your home before you can move into the new one.


    b) Working abroad can be a very exciting opportunity. However, even if you are moving away for an extended period of time, do not throw away everything you own. Rent small storage and keep any items with sentimental value there until you come back!


    c) After moving in with your partner, the apartment can get cluttered as a result of having everything twice. If your home cannot fit everything, rent a storage room, and move any excess belongings there.


    d) While selling your house, the real estate agent may ask you to get rid of some items that do not necessarily look good while showing the house. Braha understands that you do not want to throw everything in the garbage. Thus, rent small storage, so you can get everything back after you moved into your new home!

    Save Money storage | Braha Moving Systems

    Save Money

    Renting large offices can get expensive, especially in New York City, and many businesses can be fully operational even without an actual office. However, they still need space to store their material, archives, and equipment. Therefore storage, which offers much lower rates than any office rental, is the answer.

    Instead of expanding and renting another office, or relocating to a bigger one, rent storage to get rid of anything that takes up too much space.

    Prime Location and Flexibility

    Many contractor businesses drive all around the city to provide their services to clients. To stay competitive, they need to be organized and efficient to fulfill as much business as possible.

    So, having a convenient material/equipment storage space location is crucial. Additionally, having more than one storage location can improve the efficiency of the contractor business significantly.

    Prime Location Flexibility | Braha Moving Systems
    Business Centers | Braha Moving Systems

    Business Centers

    Some storage facilities provide even office spaces with internet and phone line connection, needless to say, that their cost is incomparable to traditional offices.