Things like packing, ensuring you have all the proper insurance, and making sure your new space is ready for you to arrive are all the details we can help you with.

Most NYC residential buildings require a COI to insure their own property

Typically, building owners or managers of the property do not want to be held liable for any damages that may occur on the premises during the moving process.

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If it is required, you and your moving company will not be allowed on the premises if you do not have the necessary documentation and COI.

Not having all of this straightened out can create delays for your move. Let Braha help you sort it out!

Check to See if the Company is Certified and Insured


Beyond our experience, we are a certified and licensed moving Company. Through the New York Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation, Braha is licensed for all moves from local to long distance.

What is a Certificate of Insurance? Do I Need One?

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When preparing for your move, it is important to make sure all the details are worked out. One of the most important can be a Certificate of Insurance (COI). A Certificate of Insurance is a document from a moving company’s insurance company.

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It establishes the insurance of the moving company and outlines the uses and conditions of the insurance. It includes simple information like the name of the moving company and the street address of the property, but it is extremely important.