Moving is a great time to go through all of your things, get rid of some of the old, make some room for the new, and donate anything you can.

Decluttering and Looking to Donate?

If you have any homegoods, tools, shoes, clothes you are looking to donate, check out this list of resources you can go to to donate your things!

When completing a move, decluttering and donating old things not only is helpful for you to become more organized but it makes the packing and unpacking process a little easier!

Not only will you feel better and more on top of things, you are also supporting and giving back to your community. That is what we like to call a nice win-win situation.


NYC Organizations open to Donations

DonateNYC is an organization that makes it easier for New Yorkers to “donate and find second hand clothes, shoes, accessories, and textiles” easily.

Not limited to NYC residents, DonateNYC is open to nonprofit community organizations as well if they are looking for donations.

New York Cares is an organization that drops off second hand clothes to charities in order to reach out to men, women, and children in need around NYC.

Their annual coat drive has accumulated and distributed 2 million winter coats to New Yorkers in need over the past 30 years.


Beyond the many organizations and nonprofits that accept donations to distribute to New Yorkers in need, you can also bring your items for donation to a church or a class Goodwill Store and Donation Center. Regardless of where you drop your items off, decluttering your space through donating items is an excellent way to prep for you upcoming move! Check out where you can drop off your donations to help out New York Cares.