Need Extra Storage Space? Try these 6 Tips for Tight Spots

A cozy apartment in a high-rise building is almost everybody’s dream. The city’s overwhelming view, especially at sunset, is worth spending every penny. But these cozy apartments come with their own set of challenges, the major one being less extra storage space. You would always struggle to fit things somewhere to keep your little place tidy and organized.

In this era of consumerism, we all gather unnecessary stuff. As a result, we always struggle with finding the best storage solutions to organize our living space. This article will explore the possibilities to maximize your small house storage and provide the best tips for extra storage space.

Let’s Dive In.

Tip#1 Convertible Furniture 

The convertible furniture is the new space-saving trend that levels up your storage game. Try folding beds, sofas, convertible chairs, and tables to turn your tiny apartment into a multifunctional space. 

The modern-day man has several requirements in terms of comfort. During the day, we need a comfy sofa in the lounge to binge-watch our favorite shows. Similarly, a cozy bed at night is mandatory for a good sleep pattern during the night. A sofa cum bed is a single solution for both needs mentioned above. You can also convert your bed into a storage space or a wardrobe. The furniture market has a lot of things to offer in this category.

Tip#2 The Shelving Technique

Shelving is one of the best techniques to maximize the extra storage space for your tiny apartment. Here a some of the shelving techniques that can help you store everyday items with convenience:

  • Bathroom Shelves:

Make shelves above your toiled to store items like toilet papers, toilet cleaning supplies, small towels, etc. You can also put brackets in the shower area or around the washing basin for your shampoos.

  • Kitchen Shelves:

Shelves in the kitchen can save you a lot of space on the counter. You can put spices shelves and other daily use ingredients on these shelves.

  • Bedroom Shelves:

Are you a book lover? Then you must be thinking of getting a book rack, right?. Why get a space-consuming piece of furniture when shelving can serve the purpose. Storing books on the shelves saves you some space and give that aesthetic vibe to your room.

Tip#3 The Hanging Technique

With the help of command hooks, you can utilize your wall space as extra storage space. You may not realize the usage of the themes, but once you get them, you will know how much space they can save you.

  • Hang your clothes:

If you don’t have enough in your closet, hang your daily use clothes behind the doors on the hooks. You can also turn your towels and bathrobes on the themes in the bathroom

  • Hang your kitchen utensils:

Hanging your utensils from the ceiling is the best technique to save space in the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, it is easier to get a hanging thing than from the cupboard while cooking.

  • Hang your tools from pegboards:

No more messy drawers with scattered tools. A pegboard will help you stay organized.

Tip#4 The Hiding Technique

Storage ottomans and footstools are a perfect storage solution. They are multipurpose and hide away your clutter in the best possible way. You can also store things under cupboards, storage drawers under the bed, and tables.

Tip#5 Downsize and Donate

Purging your belongings helps you not only helps your create extra storage space but also fulfill the needs of those who can’t afford it—cleansing when downsizing means donating, tossing, or selling your furniture or other goods at a reasonable price. The organizations like Goodwill, Dress for Success, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Baby2Baby, local food banks, and Salvation Army will help you donate your stuff to needy people. Also, arrange a garage sale if you plan to sell your property.

Tip#6 Rent a Storage Unit

Self-storage units provide a safe and convenient way to store your belongings. If you plan to keep your stuff temporarily or long-term, these storage units offer an affordable option. You can find cheap storage units on monthly contracts.

So these are some of the tips that will help you stay organized no matter what the space. Also, you can save a lot of amount by opting for sustainable living techniques. If you are looking for the best moving and storage services around you, we are just a call away. Braha movings provide various moving and storage options you can choose from.

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