Full Service Packages

Move with ease with Braha’s Full Service Moving packages.

Get a fully customized moving experience today.

Planning What is Best for You

With Braha Moving Systems, you can choose any services from our full-service package to customize your moving experience, and to satisfy your personal moving needs.

Full Moving Services | Full Service Packing and Moving Options

What will we do?

Our full service will take away the headache of your move, so you can focus on the exciting parts of moving.

Braha moving doesn’t just offer basic moving services like loading and unloading trucks. In fact, we cover every step of your move providing additional moving services like:

  • Full or partial packing
  • Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Car Shipping
  • Technology installation
  • Additional moving protection
  • Loading & Unloading

The customers can take advantage of a fully customized experience by picking a service of their choice.

Our full moving services package benefits the customers regardless of the scale of their move.

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Choosing a company is easy when Braha has over 20 years of experience as NYC movers.

Our movers will be there each step of the way, from packing, transporting, the heavy lifting, and all the steps in between.

At the end of the day, Braha is simply here for you to prevent and solve any issues during your move. It will make your move much more of a stress free experience.

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Give us a call and an idea of what you need to move so we can give you a pre estimate.

From there, we will individually design the price.

How does our Full-Service Package look like?

Our full service moving package provides you with:

  1. Well qualified drivers and moving professionals.
  2. Personal move coordinator.
  3. Full-value protection(optional).
  4. Load, transport, and unloading of your household furnishing.
  5. Furniture placement.
  6. Appliances transportation.

Full-Service Packing options:

Braha moving full-service packages provides you with the flexibility of bundling different services in a single package. This saves you a lot of money on moving services. You also get additional full value protection by gathering different services in one package.

Find a mover:

Looking for a best to pack for moving? Get your quote today and enjoy our amazing moving services.

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