Our Professionals

Our employees are all fully trained professionals with experience from various fields of the moving industry, allowing us to offer assistance with every type of request from a basic move to luxury white-glove service!

Making it Better

Braha professionals movers and packers will do the heavy lifting for you and transport your items to the facility and into your new space when it is time. Whether it is an office, house or apartment, if it won’t be ready for you to move in for another week no problem – there is no minimum on Braha’s climate controlled storage facility.

If you’re moving locally and need a place to keep your things for a short period of time, you can store them at the facility for as little or as long as you need.

Our storage policy allows you to store just about anything you may need.

There are exceptions, however, as we are unable to store hazardous materials, any opened food or cleaning supplies, and living things such as animals and plants.

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Heavy Lifting

Don’t underestimate the amount of belongings you own!

The mere size of furniture and the weight that packed clothes adds up to can be overwhelming and sometimes just impossible to move on your own.

Add that onto the obstacle of a few sets of NYC apartment stairs and you will be regretting your DIY choice.

Braha professionals will handle any and all lifting so you don’t have to break your back.

Remember, moving is supposed to be an exciting time, so leave all the hard work for us.

Lots of Planning

Coordinating the logistics to get from point A to point B can cause major headaches. There are also details of organizing moving trucks and making sure they are packed efficiently.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will want the unpacking process to be as smooth as possible.

This is why Braha moving expert will pack your belongings and boxes in the truck in the most efficient way for moving into your new residence or office space.

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Unexpected Problems

When you are in the middle of a move, the last thing you want to worry about is handling large, awkward and heavy furniture – stressing that your measurements were off and your couch actually will NOT be fitting through the door.

These unexpected problems are stressful to handle on your own.

Braha professionals not only have the experience of these types of issues but also have the expertise on how to react and solve these situations.