Ultimate Guide to Hire Residential Movers in 2022

Are you moving house for the first time? You must be wondering whether to hire residential movers or not. Moving house without a residential moving company is the biggest mistake people make to save some money. You save a few bucks for the short term but cannot avoid the long-term risks. So, it is advisable to always go for residential movers

Now that you know the importance of residential movers, how would you hire a company providing the best residential moving services? You need a company that understands your needs and budget. Here is our ultimate guide to hiring residential movers.  Check what you need to look for in a residential moving company. 

Accurate Estimates Based on Moving Inventory:

The first and foremost principle to get fair quotes is to get an accurate estimate first. Always look for a residential moving company that provides you with an expert estimator. By an expert estimator, we mean a person who would diligently go through every item and detail of your inventory. The moving cost majorly depends on the weight of your stuff. If something is missed by the estimator and not considered in the quote, you will ultimately end up paying an extra fee. So, it is better to settle the cost of everything at the time of estimation. 

Go Through Movers Qualification: 

Working with professional residential movers can save you from stress. Inexperienced movers can not only test your patience but also damage your belongings. Besides looking for a moving company with a fair quote, also look for these qualifications: 

  • How long has the company been in business 
  • Are the workers trained and certified 
  • The legal records and licenses 
  • Do truck drivers possess a commercial driving license 
  • Good Reviews by real customers 

Advance Payment Is a Trap: 

Never go for a company that demands a large deposit in advance. You need to pay only after delivery in order to maintain control. Some companies demand 10 per cent of the payment in advance to confirm your booking. That is totally fine. Also paying via credit card can save you from fraud practices. 

Check Better Business Bureau (BBB) assessment of the company: 

Some residential moving companies operate under different business names to surpass BBB ratings. Make sure you work with a company that hasn’t switched names and operates with one name everywhere. You can also learn about the company’s history at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Avoid Packing and Unpacking Costs: 

You can opt for packing and unpacking services when you don’t have the right supplies and experience. But if you do have it is advisable to drop this service out of your agreement. Moreover, no one can handle your stuff more carefully than you. Here is our guide on how to pack your belongings while moving. With these simple tricks, you can save yourself a lot of money. 

Hidden Charges: 

Discuss any hidden charges before signing the contract. Most residential movers charge you extra for stairs and elevators. Also in some cases, the vehicle isn’t enough for your staff so they put a surcharge of the extra vehicle on you. Avoid these traps and clear things beforehand. 

Moving Insurance: 

Every moving company is legally bound to assume the liability of things they are transporting. However, there are different levels of liabilities provided by your movers. Do proper research on what level of protection will suit your needs. Here are the most common moving insurances provided by the moving companies: 

Full (Replacement) Value Protection: 

This is a full-fledged insurance plan that provides full coverage if the item is lost, destroyed or damaged. The moving company under full value protection is liable to provide the amount required to restore the damaged article to its previous state. You can also claim for replacement cost or replacement with articles of the same kind and quality. 

Basic Level of Protection: 

This is a cost-effective option providing minimal protection. Under this type of insurance, the mover is liable to 60 cents per pound, per article. In case of loss and damage, the cost is settled per pound weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents. 

Finding the best residential moving services these days can be stressful. Why experiment with new movers when you have a trusted option? Braha moving, with an exceptional experience of 20 years in the moving industry helps you avoid rogue movers and provides you with professional services. 

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