Where to Park your Moving Truck While Moving to NYC? 

Moving to NYC for a fresh start? NYC is a vibrant city where most dreamers come for a lifestyle change. Often called the Big Apple, it is the city where one cannot just go with the flow. NYC relocation requires proper planning and scheming including the acquisition of parking licenses and permits. Since the city is hustling 24/7, there are certain parking rules in place.

While Moving to NYC, it’s necessary to understand every part of NYC and how to move about it. This way you can not only save yourself from trouble but also parking tickets that can cost you a handsome amount.

Wondering where to park in NYC and how to make your moving day successful? We have laid the groundwork for you backed with research.

Let’s get going.

The prerequisite: Hire the Best Moving Company in NYC

Working with noobs not only adds to your anxiety but also exhausts your resources. The prerequisite for successful moving to NYC, you need to hire the best movers in NYC like Braha Moving Systems. Professional movers help you with your move as well as navigate their way through the city without breaking the rules.

The movers in NYC provide you with quality customer service, the best moving equipment, a qualified crew, and a range of moving services(per your budget). So as you plan to move, hire your movers right away. Get the quote and leave the rest to them.

According to the NY DOT, a moving truck in NYC is considered a commercial vehicle. So for the purposes of parking, stopping, and standing the driver must follow the New York City Traffic Rules. 

Loading and unloading a moving truck in NYC can sometimes become big trouble if you’re parking wrong. The street parking regulations are different for each borough of the city. Know the borough you are moving to thoroughly and save yourself from a parking ticket.

The best movers in NYC take this responsibility for you. With their professional moving experience, they plan routes and know how to utilize the privileges commercial vehicles have got in NYC. But you need to first know what falls in the category of commercial vehicles as per NY DOT.

The NY DOT defines commercial vehicles as:

“A vehicle designed, maintained, or used primarily for the transportation of property or for the provision of commercial services and bearing commercial plates is considered a commercial vehicle”

Moreover, commercial vehicles from other states or countries shall not be deemed trucks or commercial vehicles unless they are permanently altered and pass the NY DOT criteria for commercial vehicles.

Top Parking Rules for Moving Truck in NYC:

  1. Commercial Vehicles can be double-parked anywhere except in Mid-town Manhattan.
  2. Moving Trucks or any other commercial vehicles have the privilege to park even in “No Standing” or “No Parking Zone”.(Only for loading and unloading the truck).
  3. You can get a ticket waiver later if you get fined for parking in a no-parking zone.
  4.  You cannot park :
  5. Next to a fire hydrant
  6. In or near construction zones
  7. In or near bus/bike lanes
  8. You cannot get a ticket waiver if you park in these three places.
  9. Moving trucks are not allowed to park in residential areas for more than 3 hours.
  10. Night-time parking of commercial vehicles is not allowed.
  11. Vehicles with lifting platforms should not park with the platform in a lower position
  12. Take care of the “Limited Truck Zones”.
  13.  Commercial vehicles should be parked at an angle that they do not curb the passage of usual traffic.

Additional Parking Regulations in NYC:

  • Midtown Manhattan-Specific Regulations:

        The following rules apply from street 14th to 60th and from the first avenue to 8th avenue.

  1. Apart from Sundays, the parking of the commercial vehicles is allowed only from 7 am to 7 pm.
  2. In this time frame moving trucks in NYC are not allowed to park, load, or unload for more than 3 hours.
  3. This rule applies to delivery vehicles as well. This means there is a limited delivery time slot for the vehicles.
  4. Park the moving truck close to the curb.
  5. It is necessary to occupy ten feet or less of the road space from the closest curb.
  6. No parking is allowed in Lower Manhattan blue zone from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.
  7. Lower Manhattan Bluestone area includes:
  • North sides of Frankfort and Dover Streets
  • Eastside of South Street
  • Westside of State Street
  • The centerlines of Broadway and Park Row.

To Sum Up

If you are moving to NYC on yourself these are the rules that will keep you safe from parking tickets. Otherwise professional moving companies in NYC like Braha Moving know how to park a moving truck in NYC and the traffic rules and regulations. If you are new to the Big Apple you must always consider hiring the best movers in NYC. Care to know about what moving services we offer in New York? Visit our website today.

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